2nd Advancement on Information Technology International Conference (ADVCIT 2015)
3 – 5 December 2015 in Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang, Krabi, Thailand

Updated January 18, 2016

  1. All papers currently undergoing proofing and editing phase by organizer (will take 1-2 months).
  2. Authors will be contacted if there is wrong format, not follow the reviewers comment, and etc.
  3. Expected to be sent to Jurnal Teknologi (Publisher) by February/March 2016.
  4. Publication will be set around End of 2016.

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2nd Advancement on Information Technology International Conference (ADVCIT 2015) is a prestigious international academic conference organized by Malaysia Technical Scientist Association (MALTESAS). This conference is also supported by Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP). The 2nd Advancement on Information Technology International Conference (ADVCIT 2015) will provide a platform where researchers, professionals, academicians and industries to share and generate a forum of recent development, new ideas and new discoveries in Information Technology. The 2nd Advancement on Information Technology International Conference (ADVCIT 2015) will be held in Krabi, Thailand from on 3 – 5 December 2015.


ADVCIT 2014 (Previous) All papers has been indexed in ARPN Journal Database

Volume 1: http://www.arpnjournals.com/jeas/volume_02_2015.htm
Volume 2: http://www.arpnjournals.com/jeas/volume_03_2015.htm


SUBMIT – http://edas.info/N20173

All ACCEPTED and REGISTERED papers will be published in the Special Issues in Jurnal Teknologi (Indexed by Elsevier: SCOPUS) after each paper is thoroughly reviewed and (if any) satisfactorily modified according to the reviewer comments. Please read the submission guideline before submitting the paper.

Please download SCOPUS Title List and Refer to E-ISSN of 21803722

SUBMIT – http://edas.info/N20173

ADVCIT Official Keynote 1

Prof. Dr. Patrice Boursier

ADVCIT Official Keynote 2

Associate Professor Dr. Anitawati Mohd Lokman


ADVCIT 2015 covers, but not limited to, the following topics:

Conference Main Tracks:

Track 1: High Performance Computing and Communication
• Parallel Computing
• Bioinformatics
• Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing
• Distributed Computing
• Interconnection Network and Architecture
• Load Balancing, Scheduling and Resource Management
• Operating System for High Performance Computing
• Quantum Computing
• Scalable Servers and Systems
• Scientific/Engineering/Commercial Application and Workloads
• Surface Computing
• Ad-hoc Networks
• Computer Networks
• Network Security and Privacy
• High Performance Networks
• Information and System Security
• Mobile Computing
• Multimedia Signal Processing
• Network Security and Privacy
• Reliable Computing
• RFID Applications
• Trusted Computing
• Wireless Sensor Networks

Track 2: Image Compression & Multimedia Processing
• Audio Video System
• Biometrics and Human Computer Interaction
• Data / Image Compression
• Digital Image Processing
• Image / Video Coding and Transmission
• Image Enhancement
• Image Formation
• Image Restoration
• Internet and Web Applications
• Machine Learning and Data Mining
• Medical Imaging
• Multimedia Applications
• Pattern Recognition and Analysis
• Statistical and Structural Pattern Recognition
• Video on Demand
• Wavelet Transforms
• Approximation Algorithms
• Computational Biology
• Computational Geometry
• Data Compression Algorithm
• Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
• Exponential Algorithm
• External-Memory Algorithms
• Game Theory
• Graph Algorithms
• Network Algorithms
• On-line Algorithms
• Optimization Algorithms
• Parameterized Algorithms
• Pattern Matching Algorithm
• Randomized Algorithms
• Streaming Algorithms
• String Algorithms

Track 3: Databases, Data Mining and Software Engineering
• Clustering
• Databases and Data Mining Applications
• Database Tuning
• Distributed Databases
• Feature Selection and Feature Extraction
• High Performance Data Mining Algorithms
• Information Retrieval
• Knowledge Discovery in Database
• Knowledge Management
• Query Optimization
• Search Engine Optimization
• Sequential Data Mining
• Social Network Mining
• Stream Data Mining
• Temporal and Spatial Data Mining
• Text, Graph, Video, Multimedia Data Mining
• Web Mining
• Computational Business Intelligence
• Software Testing
• Software Reuse
• Software Metrics
• Software Architecture
• Requirement Engineering
• Unified Modeling Language
• Software Quality Management
• Software Project Management
• Maintenance and Reverse Engineering
• Component Based Development
• Formal Methods and Theories
• Empirical Studies, Benchmarking, and Industrial Best Practices
• Pervasive, Ubiquitous, Service-Oriented Computing
• Evolutionary Computing
• Swarm Intelligence
• Artificial Immune System
• Fuzzy Logic
• Support Vector Machine
• Artificial Neural Networks
• Hybrid Intelligent System
• Machine Learning
• Genetic Algorithm
• Pattern Recognition

SUBMIT – http://edas.info/N20173

Looking forward to your support, participation & contribution in ADVCIT 2015

See you in Krabi, Thailand!!!

Warm Regards,
Conference Chair
2nd Advancement on Information Technology International Conference (ADVCIT 2015)
Conference Website : http://advcit.com ||  Email: info@advcit.com